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4:31 p.m.

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don't you marry no singin man, he's the brokest man in the land

The Stephanie girl never wrote me back and the single mom turned out to be a pathological liar. Also, she is having fun in Chicago while the father is raising the son in Ohio. That's weird, right?

Significant things that have happened since I last wrote

- I went to the True/False film fest with Geoff in Columbia, MO. It was a good trip and there were no significant scuffles with Geoff, ego-wise. We just watched a lot of movies, ate a lot of food, drove a lot, slept in motel with his grad school friend. A good time.

- I got a promotion at work. I am now a Groupon Goods Point Person. Too boring to explain, but I got a raise which was baller.

- We are releasing issue 2 of Two With Water tonight.

-There is a new girl on our team named Kat, because there are recurring Kat's in my life. She is tiny and 23 and tattooed. And she texts me sometimes. I want something to happen, but you never know. We go to movies together. We went to midnight screenings for The Avengers and Rushmore. And she invited me to The Room but I had to pass because Becca was having a going away party because she is moving to Austin.

- I had a 1 night stand with a yoga instructor and then when it was done decided I didn't want to keep seeing her and had to be like, "Hey not feelin' it, peace"

- I made out with my friend Lindsey who used to date Sean. It was a designated friend-makeout, becasue we are compatible sexually w/r/t aggressiveness. We made out a second time last weekend after this prom to raise money for the food co-op in our neighborhood.

- I made out with this girl from OKCupid who is named Jessica and is 32 and works for United Airlines. It was pretty good, but also kind of awkward because she stated explicitly that she would not have sex with me that night and when I said that was fine she seemed weird about it, and it wasn't clear if she wanted me to stay. But I stayed a while and made out more and it was good. i would like to again, but I have mixed feelings about the work that may or may not be required to Date someone. I think I am ready and then I am wary.

-It got hot this week and I am sitting in my underwear sweating. later I am going to Chinese food with Claire and then going to the reading for Two With Water. Everything is basically awesome.

Don't know what else to report.

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